mandom cleansing water
bioglo eye gel
yamada miyura tinted sunscreen
alima sand concealer, pureluxe warm cream (both for undereye)
mj BL 763 cream as base and light blue on lids



bioderma cleanser, bioglo eye gel
yamada miyura tinted sunscreen
canmake brow

celdie foaming cleanser (gold tube)
body shop tea tree exfoliator


face - pureluxe warm cream fdt, warm radiance finishing
bronzer - bourjois chocolate
eyes - la pensee rectangle squads 03, mj mascara, maybelline liner, canmake brow
lips - kiehl's french rose

(skin care)
AM - bioderma cleanser, body shop eye serum
PM - neutrogena cleansing oil, softymo makeup remover, softymo airy whip, biore scrub, for beloved one toner, body shop eye serum, bioglo eye gel


bourjois 10 hr sleep effect foundation 72
loreal sheer cashmere 16 nude beige (as concealer)
maybelline perfect concealer 01 light beige
lelan vital skin perfecting compact powder 92067 (yellow mosaic)
bourjois gold bronzing powder - CHOCOLATE!!!
canmake brow
mac pigment QUIETLY on lids, JARDINE AIRES in crease, FAIRY LITE as highlight
筆匠 Brown
magical mascara curl in dark brown
kiehls lipgloss in french rose

bonjour small triangle sponge
nars powder brush
bonjour $5 brow brush (the angled brush end for liner --> perfect)
no brand small eyeshadow brush

AM: bioderma cleansing water, missha dsw mist
PM: softymo makeup remover, pdc pink cleansing cream, softymo airy whip, biore pink scrub, pdc pore cleansing gel, for beloved one tea tree toner, hisamitsu lifecella whitening paper mask (blue), body shop eye serum, body shop tea tree night lotion


yamada miyura base
bourjois compact powder 71 using NARS powder brush
bourjois concealer (lipstick shape)
loreal true match foundation
canmake brow
kai compact curler
mj masara
metal lash comb
canmake concealer (to clean up the messy mascara on my eyelid)
canmake fresh eyecolor (darkest colour as blush/highlight with fingers! @@)
kiehls lip gloss in pink rider

bioderma cleansing water, body shop eye serum, body shop tea tree gel for AM
softymo remover (whole face), softymo airy whip for PM 
*i'm so lazy i skip all the moisturizers*


yamada miyura base
cosmos brow
大創 magical mascara dark brown long
maybelline 五倍 brown
kiehls lip gloss french rose + pink rider

bioderma cleansing water, body shop eye serum for AM
softymo eye makeup remover (eyes), bioderma (face), softymo airy whip, 白潤 濕敷, body shop eye serum, missha dsw lotion for PM
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