(under shopping mall light)

 (under shopping mall light)

product photos borrowed from www.bourjois.co.uk www.bourjoisusa.com and www.bourjois.fr Click to view larger images :P

brush foundation 31 32

imperfection concealer 11 12

new black concealer (liquid) **not sure, maybe 81 83??**

duochrome eyeliner 

new clubbing eyeliner 43 44

glitter eyeliner

 (street: natural light)

 (yellow shop light)

(yellow shop light)

(yellow shop light)


- the new concealer seems to be too 'dry'/'cakey'??
(it may be my fault as i didn't blent them out)
but the 2 colour dont suit me either @@

- the foundation are too dark, even for the lightest 2 shades :(
**glad that i didnt buy it from yahoo seller before i tested at the counter :P

- duochrome and glitter eyeliner dont appeal to me

---the end---

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