magazine 送 nivea make up remover pad (試用文在寫)

revlon lipgloss Nude Lustre ($30 有找)

bourjois liners (大愛!!)

majolica majorca eyeshadow (yahoo second-hand)

舞妓 foundation brush with 5 paper discs (same yahoo seller as mj)

- smudge brush
- contour brush
- clinique all about eyes rich ($40幾 for 7ml!)
- korean mask (lavender and grapes)

- freeman pineapple mask

- 4 soft masks

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  • 小香菇
  • the clinique eye cream, is this price expensive or? cost mostly i bought full size, if sample is more competitive, i better try!
  • i bought this in sasa, tst.
    it costed $48/7ml. i'm not sure about the counter price. but at sephora yesterday, i tried on the sample (all about eyes rich). the texture is the same (證明莎莎的應該沒有變質) and it costs $200/15ml!!!

    dolphinJ1 於 2008/09/27 11:39 回覆

  • 小香菇
  • 哈哈 咁果然係sample抵好多!你都唔知,我一睇完你咁講放工就去左sasa睇sample,我買左lancome美白toner sample呀,$36有50ml!而貨呢好似係$250先得200ml!咁點會仲有人買貨size?真係唔係好明呢!
  • 或者始終沒有得試用... 也比較難check expiry date and quality... 但我也喜歡買sample more... cheaper and 快點用完嘛~~ ^^

    dolphinJ1 於 2008/09/27 19:28 回覆