OPI Nail Envy

--> the best base coat i hv ever used. may purchase it again if i ever use up my full size OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

Body Shop Face towel

--> one of the least useful thing i hv ever bought @@.. it's like the kind of water absorbing plastic we use for drying our hair after coming up from the swimming pools... wish you know what i'm talking about :P it's supposed to wipe off facial masks or dry your face after daily washing... but it doesnt work much for me except... rusting and growing mould too soon @@ @@ @@


=the end=

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  • aliceyang87
  • It seems that OPI Nail product is very good. How much is it? I've used a lot of different brands' nail base, but not really good. Thx!
  • 我用過兩種: nail envy original (有硬甲作用的) & natural nail base coat (看上去是透明粉紅的)
    nail envy makes me feel very healthy (the nail do look and feel stronger) but quite expensive... maybe $250 for 1 full size?
    i'm now using natural nail base coat and it works well~ good enough for me use it up before seeking another alternative ^^
    hope i helped~

    dolphinJ1 於 2008/12/20 23:00 回覆