Powder Foundation


=Neutral (Creamy Natural, Buff, Cocoa)

Creamy Natural: neutral lightest
tiny bit paler than me. but pretty much the shade i will repurchase.. who knows?

Buff: neutral 2nd lightest
my perfect shade in pure luxe ^^

Cocoa: neutral darkest
bought this to be used as contour, but it looks way too dark?
might find a day comparing this to Warm Honey :P


=Warm (Warm Cream, Autumn, Warm Honey)

Warm Cream:
slightly yellower than my neck. good if i want an earthy look, perhaps?
with this all over my face, might be kinda dull.
WARM colours are quite yellow, but i still want to check ivory out...

Autumn: warm 3rd lightest
Au is too yellow, even yellower than my neck (i did try it on my neck)
yet WC seems to dissolve into my neck skin tone..
does this say i might be a Warm tone person??

Warm Honey: warm 4th lightest
WH is too dark for me, this i can tell quite instinctly..



the texture is super smooth and silky.
although it requires good moisturizing work before application, esp in winter
(as with every kind of foundation on combination dry skin like mine)
i find it gliding on and blending out well. i mean, so well.
requires a little work to find out my perfect shade but i LOVE this foundation.
would repurchase, seriously!




Setting/Finishing Powder

=Aprils Mix

=Warm Radiance

=Silk Powder





Color Corrector


=Banana Split

BS should be used for corrector bluish discoloration, but i cant find any on my face @@
perhaps i could mix it with some too pink or white foundation to add some bit of bright warm feeling??

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