***Bioglo ceramide shampoo for damaged hair

不錯不錯.. 便宜, 還挺好用.. need to try out for a longer time to love it..
but like it for the time being
quite nice smell, creamy, little goes a long way, leaves my hair not-dry :P

*****Clairol hydration party - blue bottle - sweet coconut scent

很香很香!! 很不錯的滋潤度.. love it!!

*****Pantene clinic care - blue bottle

雖然我買了一瓶purple (the more nourishing one)
但我用了之後會'bad hair'... meaning my scalp becomes oily and roots flattened..
很懷念藍色的:P ((but it's so expensive ><)

***Tresemme clear shampoo - 藍色(?) - moisturizing or nourishing

i used this as a 'deep cleansing' shampoo for the time being.
much much more better than the neutrogena one (<- that is over-drying @@)


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