this entry 用來做mini-notes的 :)

都是關於make up/beauty 的...


- wore only maybelline turbo today. not even concealer!


- 連續第三天沒有帶我的睫毛夾了 ><

- used HnM green eye pen on outer 2/3 of lower lash line. all the green disappeared after 5 hrs. only glitters left @@

- i confess, cherryculture again

- used the lelan vital eye mask. good


- daiso magical mascara volume works WELL w/o a lash curler. they didnt curl my lashes but made my lashes pointing 'less downwards'.. does that sound sensible?

- fairly light neutral is too dark for me.. fairly light is.. not sure :P

- haul-ed HnM EYE PEN in green and black. also a pencil sharpener (29,9 9,5)

- lelan vital whitening & firming mask has MARV DESIGN!! the mask sheet texture and feeling of the solution (serum) is great! LOVE!


- did a stupid thing today. didnt bring lash curler with me.

- loving my bourjois 54 blush ^^

- ordered from cherryculture @@


- dont like edm orginal glo


- bought 2 pair of fake lashes and 1 box of fake nails in $10 shop. (all things fake? haha)

- everyday minerals sample kit arrived! my order: beige - fairly light in original glo, beige - fairly light in intensive, buff - fairly light neutral in intensive, matte blush in all smiles, intensive medium concealer.

- ordered a super custom kit full! and some extra stuff :P


- love my lelan vital 5 colour eyeshadow compact in 92088


- new discovery: mac springsheen blush = mj rd255 blush


- weekdays = sunscreen + concealer + powder :P

- gosh! pure luxe copper aura looks so similar to mac vanilla pigment! (i got a full size + sample size of vanilla!!)


- need to change polish lu. the OPI happy anniversary on my nails finally starts chipping :P

- nails painted in china glaze coconut kiss.

- 今天下午有空, 化了全妝, 帶了假睫毛跟家人吃晚飯. 是我一生人第一次自己帶假睫毛出街!

- for recording purpose, items used: bourjois collagen fdt, pureluxe creamy natural fdt, mac bare study pp, cs 28 palette, manly 120 palette, cs contour palette, canmake blush, mac springsheen blush, maybelline liquid liner, mugu shimmer black gel liner, daiso magical mascara in black volume, gi & gary B3 2L (1 cut into half), EYE eyelash adhesive in dark tone, bibo white eyeliner, ac gloss eyecolor, bourjois transparent lip liner, kiss me heavy rotation lip concealer, bourjois nude lip balm in tin, kiss me heavy rotation vanilla lip gloss

- love my gi & gary false eyelashes!


- loving my bioglo facial spray and miyura sun block.


- finally a new post on my nail polishes. ^^

- so lazy to wear anything except sunscreen and concealer on my face :P today i wore yamada miyura sun block, bourjois stick concealer in 13 beige rose and some pure luxe creamy natural foundation to set it


- 努力清貨 ><


- white canmake concealer works ok under my eyes.

- coastal scents 10 blush palette is a very fun toy to play with ^^

- more mac pigments sample came! deep blue green (2nd order), blue brown (unique!), naked (a little spillage ><), chocolate brown, green brown (i like blue brown better), golden olive (pretty), copper sparkle, mega rich, grape (a little.. dry?), kitschmas (so shiny ^^).

- another mail: ardell pretty, 123, 121 fake lashes and ardell dark lash adhesive (=glue). YEAH~


- washed off my old nail polish and am wearing OPI A36 happy anniversary. ultra pretty >< LOVE~


- estee lauder ideal light 的 product 是我用過最好的undereye concealer. but i hate the packaging, applicator and price. (I'm using 02 light medium, although i thought the beauty assistant was going to give me 01, coz she said the lightest suits me best)

- lelan vital 5-colour eyeshadow compact GET. 92089 92088 both are neutral palettes :)


- EDM pick me up bisque concealer works really great as a blush ^^


- 用了 gift card. 在 sasa 買了 gi & gary eyelashes B3 2L black ($110), koji takako style lashes 08 cinema classic ($85), koji takako style lashes 13 celeb elegant ($85), cosmos self-sealed eyelashes E41042 - 117 ($28), andrea modlash 43 ($28), dior addict ultra nude natural glow lipcolor 220 skin beige ($158), 282 body pink ($158)

- cosmos 117 looks too long on my eyes ><

- $10 daiso comb mascara volume & curl black 很好用. 比 l'oreal telescopic 好太多了. ^^ (l'oreal telescopic is rubbis_. thrown it away last month without a single satisfying application in the past 6 months...)


- 想用 $300 買 4 MAC lipsticks.

- 想用 US$4.6 shipping 訂 EDM free sample kit

- 想買 mac pigments :)

- EDM sample kit ordered. when will it arrive? waiting eagerly

- really like my $10 daiso magical mascara in volume. :)

- 想搞 出清 :)

- $1000 sasa coupon 到手! 謝謝 3姑姐. what to buy le?


- 訂pure luxe or everdayminerals 好呢?

- mac pink bronze and pure luxe fresh look identical to me. the only ultra tiny difference my sis notice: pink bronze is a bit pink-er and fresh is gold-er

- alima black cherry shimmer eyeliner and splash #16205 conch cocoa look similar. but splash is obviously more red and much shimmer-er

- oops. mannings $29/2 maybelline salon secret promotion 完了...


- Jusco $10 店的 三角海綿 比 Bonjou_ 買的 好用很多 ^^ ($10 有 13 塊... cheap!)

- 超想訂everyday minerals ><

- maybelline salon secret 的掃頭 超好用. 比OPI 的 wide brush, Bourjois 1 min 的flat brush, 有過之而無不及! love! 還要一層就非常美! (just put on 2 passionate red) 可惜沒什麼顏色選.. (可能會回去買埋其他顏色 :P)

- 重新愛上了 bourjois 54 blush. super pretty rosy pink ^^

- 用完(第)一支 OPI drip dry lu~~

- 有沒有人要買我一本 Nars make up book? Bobbi Brown make up manual 都得的...

- 收到了MAC pigments 分裝~ gorgeous! they're: Deep Blue Green, Vintage Gold, Golden Lemon, Cocomotion, Rose, Heritage Rouge, Spiritualize, Smoke Signal -----> love them all!!!

- splash eye sparkles 有兩色跟 mac antique gold 非常相似.. #16113 caribbean bronze 偏金... #16220 mussel clam 偏淺.. antique gold 帶灰... 但我敢擔保.. 我男朋友不會分得出 三色的分別 @@ (by the way. splash costs $20-25 per 1.5 gram in Bonjou_... )

- 天啊! splash #16169 golden beachmac golden lemon 也很像 @@ golden beach 帶一丁點綠... 但.. 幾乎一樣 @@

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