almost like my daily journal entry.

come in if you really want to.

these are just plain words. most probably.


- i love my sinful colors nail polishes.

28/4 and 29/4

- i love my BB Creams! i cant help to want more!

- cathy cat stippling brush suc_s :(


- (mum bought me) cathycat stippling brush (49), korean box of 10 lashes cross 2 black, cross 7 black (38), plastic box 10 false eyelashes (38)


- jusco: nose shading*2

- bonjour: hellokitty kai lash comb, splash seashell purple, dreaming jellyfish, midnight splash, foaming net*2, face cleansing sponge, false lashes

- sasa: redeemed the very renowned koji lash curler ($118 -- free now!)


- used my sasa card to redeem: andrea's falsies starter kit, koji 18R white grip lash curler :)


- my edm sample kit arrived.

- brush and falsies got in temple street

- cyber colour brushes from sas_ outlet :)


- got a few items from bonjour. 6 pairs of eye lashes and 3 LA splash pigments (starfish green, precious jellyfish, glacier).


- sent gift to claire in france :)


- cherryculture 2 arrived.  no time to do any sharing yet. wait for me. (who is?)

- bought a lot in daiso, again


- put on nail polish The Face Shop 66. 10 fingers all with 2 coats.

a little experiment:

left little finger (no base, no top) left ring (no top) left middle (no top) left index (no base no top) left thumb (no base, no top)

right: all with base and top


- had a super uber long school day. at the end of the day. opened the package from cherryculture (another one on its way)... got a lot of lovely products. wanted to share. but no time, sorry :P


- 重新愛上了我的loreal volume shocking (其實沒有不喜歡過..)

- wanna get more bourjois or sublime blush. many. please.

- i will get a hell lot of bourjois products when i go to UK/FR this summer. i swear.


- mixed my edm olive light olive semi-matte and beige fairly light intensive into the edm mixing jar :)

- wore a heavy but natural make up today. a full list of product use to be typed soon.

- in jusco $10 store, bought korean fake lashes with transparent line (as it is called on the package), wore it and was good :)

- opened curel make up remover (Face) to use :P

- ordered another edm sample kit.


- my everydayminerals SCKF (super custom kit - full) has arrived! cant wait to share! love love love the brushes!!!


- an olay lotion sample came in my mail, thx f&b :P

- put on opi calcun fiesta. PRETTY!


- brush guards arrived :)

- opi colorcopia whole collection + 3 brights pictured, to be uploaded tmr :)


- used mannings coupon to redeem: maybelline impact express smooth pencil shadow in impact white, impact bronze and impact silver.


- wore quite full make up today. items to note: mac creme d'nude + kiss me heavy rotation 03, beaute de kose eye fantasist sv 057 + 72 ultra shimmer palette, daiso korean fake lashes cross type 1 :)

- trade in: demeter white bouquet pick-me-up cologne 15ml

- bought: CS > Italian Badger Chisel Powder Brush > Chisel Fluff Large Shadow Brush > White Angled liner Brush > Pink Round Crease Eye Brush > Pink Deluxe Oval Shadow Brush > Pink Oval Fluff Shadow Brush (134 dollars)

- bought @ jusco (all $10): marine lotion (made in vietnam), eye cream (made in japan), bottom lashes (made in korea-#18), korea lashes cross type 2 *2, voluminous type 12, crobi compact lip brush (yes, my 2nd one), false eyelashes #173*2... and a candle stan



- what's on my face? choifung h2o gel, yamada miyura creamy sunscreen, clinique all about eyes concealer 01, bourjois compact powder beige clair, canmake blush pw14, maybelline turbo mascara brown

- exchanged with BE sis: australis loose powder in fair (really fine powder, smooth and light), demeter sex on the beach pick-me-up cologne (15ml), eye putti eye lid glue, eye talk eye lid glue (just half full! a little disappointed)

- bought a 07 sept maquia magazine :)



- hnm black eyeliner is a decent glitter creamy liner :)



- cherryculture 1 sent.

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