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just a record of what products i used today:

> bourjois collagen mixed with ipsa foundation applied with daiso sponge

> clinique all about eyes concealer applied with edm eye kabuki

> australis loose powder applied with colour square powder blush (bought in beauty supply store)

> edm foundation mixture applied with edm flat top

> edm mint concealer around the nose with edm eye kabuki (another one)

> alima lavender corrector (or concealer) around the chin with edm eye kabuki

> edm intensive medium concealer over the 3 concealed areas to even out colours with edm eye kabuki

> psuedo-CS (bought directly from mainland) contour palette, mixed the brown and camel, applied with edm blush brush

> becca creme blush in dahlia applied to both cheeks EXTENSIVELY with mac 187

> psuedo-CS contour palette, white powder applied to both cheeks with mac 187 (obviously the dahlia is too fleshy!)

> PN (yes. PN!) BR131 eyeshadow creme stick applied to lids

> psuedo-CS 28 eyeshadow palette, 'mac-all-that-glitters' dupe applied to lids with laura geller duo brush (the eye brush side)

> maybelline impact express smooth pencil shadow in impact bronze applied to lash line

> curled lashes with bonjou_ white grip lash curler

> loreal volume shocking mascara, 1 layer base, 1 layer black

> daiso $10 korean eyelashes with transparent line adhered with 'eye' dark glue

> edm lavender murumuru mint lip balm

> dior addict ultra nude lipstick in 282


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