Skin Care:


Dr. Hauschka lip balk (in a stick)

-- not the easiest lip balm to buy, but not expensive either.  I want another tube of this but i keep telling myself there're cheaper and better products out there.  although i used up 95% of this in 2 months and keep the 5% until now for over a year... can someone 'gift' this to me?? i don't like this enough to buy it myself :P


Choifung Ki Squalane Aqua Light Cream (50ml)

-- this is funny, coz when i ordered it, the catalogue says 'Night Cream' instead of 'Light'.  the texture is adorable, very creamy and leaves a thin film of oily residue on my face.  However, oily and creamy as it is, it is not moisturizing enough... funny... My skin would still FLAKE and feel dry the next morning when i wake up.  Not repurchasing.  but no odd smell, no reaction make me wanna try all the other fomulation of creams of Choifung :) **update: i really love packaging that allows you to peek through and realize how much you've used up and how much is left.  this is one of those.  every brand should incorporate this idea in their design!!


Missha M BB Cream (silver, sample)

-- just ok.  didn't turn grey on me but i don't like it doesnt have UV protection


Dermologica soothing eye makeup remover (sample)

-- not good.  it says it can remove stubborn water-proof eye makeup but it doesnt remove my loreal mascara. 


Jergens naturals Ultra Hydrating moisturizing (sample)

-- love it.  smells delicious. want more! my body loves it! i love it!


Bioderma lightening non-rinse cleanser for sensitive skin (sample, 10ml)

-- this is the 'whitening' version of cleansing water.  i love the sensibio (original red one for sensitive skin) and i love this white one too.  both feel fresh on the skin (not like the blue one which leaves a film after wiping) and this white one claims to brighten (or lighten), which is not bad (good for some) for me (i opt for fairer than tanner tone) :P could buy this in larger volume if i see reasonable ones in FR :P HAHAHA


Yamada Miyura RJ SPF30 PA+++ UV Cream (35ml)

-- I like this.  but do we need to pay so much for a sunscreen? I literally use up about 30 to 50 ml per month.  or maybe in 2 months, coz i'm sometimes lazy... I believe Japanese drugstore ones could work pretty well for me~~ :P


L'Oreal Sheer Cashmere foundation (gifted to Ms. A)

-- mine was a free gift.  it is in the shade - 16 nude beige : my perfect match.  gives a flawless finish, though i tiny bit mask like... the appearance is on the 'matte' side, which may be for more 'formal' occasion.  the formula is marvellous, it really is cream to powder and it feels/touches so silky~ i knew i should have used this up or threw this away long ago but.. well, i don't wear foundation on a daily basis... sorry to say goodbye to this.. (it is discontinued again)


Utena Apricot Scrub

-- love this! so sad when i cannot find it anymore in bonjour :(  most gentle and effective exfoliator! (ok.. maybe not the 'most') it will lather when you add water and doubles as a good cleaner (no need another tube if you like) I want more of this! **update: bought another tube of this as well as a tube of 'Aloe' scrub... no worry of running out of back-ups!


Neutrogena Cleansing Oil (travel size)

-- this is one of the better cleansing oils i used (although i only tried dhc and fancl, of which dhc is fair and fancl is great)... however, i really like cleansing milk and gel better... currently loving my estee lauder cleansing milk and celdie cleansing gel... for your information, i used these to take make up (except eyes) off and then i always go over with another foaming or milk cleanser :)


Kiehl's whitening toner (travel size) -- gifted to Ms. A

-- this was given to me as a free gift @ the counter... that male sales/assistant said i needed the one for 'oil/combination' skin so i took that.  turned out my skin is dryer and dryer as time goes by, so i never quite like to use this.. probably works for my skin on the t-zone, but not a repurchasable item :)


Clinique take the day off make up remover (travel size)

-- love the product, not the price tag.  la roche posay and loreal is the same to me as this :D


Joseristine Rosewater Hydrating Spray (60ml)

-- nice smell.  it is not easy to find cheap rose smell that doesn't smel 'too' fake.  this is one of them.  feel good on skin and refreshing.  i don't expect too much from something as cheap as $10-20 like this, but it gives just a little bit of moisture, which is satisfying enough :P would repurchase!!


Dermatologist intensive hydrating mask (Sample)

--love the texture. need a few more applications to see the results... i hope i can get hold of :P



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