-- to use up 10 make up products.  full size, travel size, samples included.  items that aren't used up but dried up are counted as well.




1) la pensee jewelry eyeliner 01 black shimmer

-- Dried up.  this doesnt come with a good brush, nor very good consistency.  the colour is beautiful, as well as the packaging.  but the fact that it is totally water soluble and shimmer doesnt show up on application makes this an ultimate non-repurchasable candidate :P


2) Daiso Comb Mascara (volume & curl)

-- not liking this.  in Chinese, I'd definitely describe this as Chicken-Rib... no juice nor flavour to taste, and a little pity to throw away.  It is not dried yet and there're noticeable fibre.  However, this does nothing but weigh my lashes down a little... @@ why would i use a mascara like this?


3) Daiso High Curling Mascara

-- not as good as everyone says it is.  adds weight to my lashes and doesn't really curl.  the magical one (at same price) works better than me, if not magic :P --> hate this 'high-curling mascara'! it does the opposite!


4) IPSA skin beauty control base B (sample 0.3g)

-- a green slightly shimmery base.  fine but not so adorable i would consider re-buying. :)


5) Lancome l'ombre-stylo duo (0.8g for each colour -- 11violine, 09 bleu)

-- this is an ancient product (probably 10year-old).  the sponge tip inside kind of dis-integrated (is this the right term?) and i can't touch the shadow with it.  hence, i fetched a bobby-pin and scoop the shadow out... there is much left!  the colours are beautiful :P


6) Loreal true match super-blendable two way powder foundation spf20 pa++ (N7 - Nude Amber, travel size 1.6g)

-- i wonder why all loreal foundation i received as free gift or those that came in a set suited me like miracle.  i dont particularly like this brand (big companies are wicked) but i quite like this foundation... smooth and blendable (as it's named).  no repurchase though, coz i hv tons of pressed and loose foundation to use up and to wish for~


7) Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof (colour: aqua illusion)

-- bought this in bonjour at about HKD$30 i guess.  pretty colour.  neat packaging.  however a little bit dry on me and the twisting part of the pencil is not working, meaning it cannot twist back as i wish... this happens quite often to no-need-to-be-sharpened pencils in my case... but shouldn't lancome be better than this?  i don't find pencils that require sharpening too inconvenient, probably won't get this one again. :)


8) Esprique Precious Beaute de Kose pressed foundation (OC-410, sample)

-- love the consistency, though not the perfect match i realized.  could try more products of this brand in the future :D


9) Clinique supermoisture makeup in 64 cream beige (sample, 1.5ml)

-- this shade is ok for me in summer, probably not in winter.. LOVE this consistency... really want to get a full size one... maybe i will.. in another shade... maybe i wont :P


10) daiso ellefar eyeliner pencil (colour: B, brown)

-- so far so good, it comes with several refills (need to find them out) and i just broke the 1st one... more feelings later... like it so far :D



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