28/7 so far so good :D




1) Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara

-- great product.  the brush is a quite sparse 'cross-comb' type.. doesn't really comb out clumps which won't appear anyway.. but tiny enough to work on the lower lashes and gives definition.  the formula is cool, waterproof and not heavy.  i like to use this when i wear falsies.. ^^ already bought a back up (this was discontinued and replaced by another tube with 'zebra' print? not going to buy that until i use up my stock of mascaras :P) in the last few weeks of usage, it started flaking, but that was 6months after i opened the tube so i am okay with this.  after all, you shouldn't keep an opened mascara for too long as bacteria and micro-organisms grow in the paste, isn't it?


2) Bourjois compact powder (71 beige clair, 9.5gram)

-- i love this.  sadly this is mainly talc. for powder, i'll be hopefully sticking to my everyday minerals once i use up all the others :P i'm now using this case to house my boots natural collection bronzer -> it fits!


3) Daiso eyeliner black (liquid)

-- super water soluble, drying super slowly and colour is not opaque enough.  tried to use it as an eyeshadow base but it's really not doing anything :O




Maybelline Volum Express Turbo Boost Mascara Waterproof (Brown)

-- love this, holds my curl well, stays on well, big volume.  the big fat brush/wand/applicator is not the best I have tried.  Could consider repurchase the Black one (by the way, I have 2 of those hypercurl ones on hand waiting to be opened :P)

Yamada Miyura tinted sunscreen

-- i just use a few drops everytime.  lasts a long time (probably too long).  works as a tinted moisturizer + sunscreen.  works well.  price is OK-high but worth it :P


Maybelline cream eyeshadow in a stick

-- another ancient product.  this neutral brown shimmer is great on its own (although it will crease like crazy), or as a base for shadow (stays put if you dont load this on :P) discontinued already and not feeling sorry for that~ i got a lot of other cream shadows that crease less than this in many other colours, e.g. elf ones :)

Estee Lauder Illusionist Intense Maximum Curling Mascara (travel size)


Estee Lauder MagnaScopic Maximum Volume Mascara (travel size)


SASA retractable glittering eyeliner (colour: 03 silver)

-- i remembered getting this from a yahoo auction seller who sold lash adhesive, but i dont remember why did i even get this with those glues (those glue aren't that great bytheway)... this content of this product is tiny... there is a lot of glitters which aren't that smooth at all... this is the first product i've ever got from the brand SASA itself and will probably be the last one :P


Bourjois concealer (lipstick shape)

-- one of my top concealers! creamy and coverage is nice! not expensive and amount/price is reasonable! i will definitely repurchase! 13 beige rose is my holy grail (but no longer for sale in HK, perhaps get that in UK) 11 Beige Ivoire is another one in my collection which is tiny bit light for me :P


fsp lip gloss


daiso dial concealer (colour: B, 2.8ml)

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