24/5 update:




sorry for being so late :P

i guess starting from MAY i will just take photos of what i have USED UP and/or THROW away :)

just for my own record basically.

if you're interested, please still ask me questions ^^


super 歡迎問我的用後感.. :)


Skin Care:

=Bourjois night lip balm (from oct) not yet

=Enchanteur body lotion in charming (from jan, travel size) KO

=Celdie make off cream, green (from jan) until more humid season please

=nivea blue tube lip balm (melted into pot, from feb) not yet

=yamada miyura bee uv cream (from feb) not yet

=utena apricot scrub (from mar) not yet

=l'oreal gentle eye/lip makeup remover (from mar) KO

=choi-fung joseristine sensitive skin cleansing milk (from mar) KO

=mentholatum hand veil (travel, from mar) KO

-daiso UV SPF20 KO to youngest sis

-sifone hair detangler KO

-ultra ready lip balm KO to boyfriend

-tres bien hair protector KO

-choi-fung h20 hi-liposome gel KO to boyfriend

-bioglo eye gel not yet

-daiso Q10 toner not yet too drying (yes.. my skin turned to really quite dry @@)

Make Up:

=Xanita lip gloss (from dec)
~orange KO

=L'oreal true match foundation (from jan, travel size) not yet

=kiehl's rose lip gloss (from oct) not yet

=bourjois collagen foundation (from jan) not yet

=kiehl's berry 1851 (from dec) not yet

=Lee vanilla lip balm (from jan) KO to boyfriend

-bourjois say yes to volume no to clump mascara KO

-daiso magical mascara volume KO

-daiso comb mascara volume not yet


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