@ Bonjour

softymo powder tissue :)

@ 大創

two tin cans for storage

eye shadow brush

eye mask sheets


@ Watsons

biore make up remover sheets (2 boxes, even cheaper than refill...)

optrex eye bath lotion

ease for east eye mask (free gift)


{留意mixing medium 文 (在寫)}

@ local drugstore

CROWN pure natural glycerine
-- made in malaysia, $10 for 75ml

Total Care best quality of glycerine
-- made in france, $18 for 100ml

**i'm trying to make some mixing medium by myself in near future :P
(( i actually saw a malaysia package of 380ml selling for just $20, but that could be too much?))

@ yahoo seller

MAC a mei neutral eye palette
-- eyeshadow (vanilla, velvet) (mulch, velvet) (brown down, veluxe)

MAC viva glam vi lip gloss


@ ecosway

bioglo pure aloe lip smoothener

lelan vital age recovery makeup base spf35/pa+++

@ bonjour

cetaphil cleanser 16Oz with moisturizer sample

loreal make up remover

kai new lash curler



{回另外寫文的, i promise ><}

@ yahoo seller

MAC eyeshadow palettes...


{也應該發文紀念我買了人生中第一次兩盤的Lunasol和一盤coffret d'or}

@ yahoo seller

coffret d'or eyeshadow palette

mj eyeshadow palette

@ yahoo seller

lunasol eyeshadow palettes...


@ yahoo seller

ipsa liquid foundation

kate eyeshadow palette



- the end -

- feel free to leave a comment or question if you wanna know more abt the above :P -

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